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Orifice/Choke (OC) Steam Meter

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The OC Steam meter is a laboratory developed and field tested steam meter for determination of steam quality and flow rate in multi-phase saturated steam distribution systems.

This method uses experimentally derived parameters, and simultaneous solution of (multi-phase) orifice and critical flow choke equations.

Ideal for the following applications

  • Cyclic steam headers
  • Injector wellheads
  • Generator discharge
  • Facilities steam usage
  • Steam custody

Customer benefits

  • Reduced Operator attention - Eliminate "drive By" site checks
  • Site maintenance by "exception" - Repair choke plugged/erosion
  • Field wide steam System oversite/management improved

Real-time data and reporting

  • Mobile app and web-based reporting
  • Cell and satellite integrated - any location, any terrain, worldwide data telemetry, begins on "power up"
  • Real-time data or emailed reports

Ongoing customer support

  • Choke cleaning and maintenance, replacement/resizing
  • Large flow "Trunk Line" quality and rate measurement
  • Field check operating conditions with portable separator testing systems
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Injector wellhead application

3 valve manifold application